A Filling Can Save Your Tooth

If you have dental cavities in Aurora you do not need to worry. Here at Retro Dental Aurora, we have the latest technology in Waterlase to help give you a painless experience.

Sometimes, even though we are very diligent in providing oral health care, we may find a dental cavity in a patient. Dental fillings are placed in teeth, where the tooth structure has been damaged from cavities or trauma. Over the years, advancements have been made to the tooth filling materials to include a composite resin that is attractive and durable. Silver amalgam was the primary choice years ago, but today we have colored composite materials and highly esthetic porcelain. There are many advantages to the colored composite restorations. The filling is bonded to your teeth creating a tight, superior fit to your natural tooth. The tooth colored restorations contain resin with fluoride to help prevent future cavities. This resin looks and wears like your natural teeth, making them functional and aesthetic.

What To Expect During a Cavity Filling…

Typically cavity fillings at our Aurora are routine procedures with very minimal amount of discomfort. The steps involved are:

Why White Tooth Fillings?

Dental cavity fillings and restorations in Aurora can be trusted to provide flawless smiles. Retro Dental Aurora will restore your smile with quality tooth colored fillings you will love

Composite fillings or tooth-colored fillings are now the number one choice of patients for treating cavities. They have received that status for several reasons. They are similar in color and texture to your natural teeth and are virtually undetectable. Composite resins are not susceptible to hot and cold. Silver amalgam filling will contract and expand when put in contact with hot and cold foods or drink. This allows nerve exposure and causes discomfort, or cracks the tooth so repairs are more difficult. These tooth-colored fillings also contain fluoride and are considered to be healthier than metal fillings. Rather than having metal in your mouth over a long period of time, patients can avoid potential toxicity by having composite fillings. Furthermore, composite fillings require less removal of your natural tooth to place the cavity fillings than the old-fashioned silver or gold ones. We also have the latest in technology and are using the Waterlase system, which produces spectacular results without using a metal drill to remove decayed enamel.